the Orison



a Prayer.

a special message from Tiffany

Each of us has a squad of Spirit Guides. Generations of Angel-Ancestors who have been here and know the ways of this world walk alongside us.  We are their living legacies; our work a continuation of their own. 

Ancestral guidance, protection, and abundance pour from the spirit realm. When we align ourselves with those who came before us, we are granted divine access to these gifts.

The Orison by OLR is the sacred space we hold to connect with our collective whole and healed Ancestors. Illuminated by an eternal flame, we reverence the eternal gifts left by our Beloveds. With gratitude, we beseech them and present the prayers and requests of our OLR Family. 

As we fulfill our destinies, we enrich our family histories. We honor the Light Beings who have brought us to this moment and make room for the generations to come. Whether you’re brand new to this or have a developed spiritual practice, this ritual will serve you. When we gather with unified intention, breakthroughs happen. 

Acknowledge the Spirit of your Honorable Ancestors and open your heart and mind to their guidance. 

Thank your Honorable Ancestors for their brilliance and wonder. Pay homage to them. We exist because of their magic and miraculous resilience.

Complete The Orison form below and attend our live monthly ceremony. Your submission will be lifted in prayer with those of the entire OLR collective. Together we will honor our Ancestors, give offerings, and send up our prayers and requests in ceremony. 

I can't wait to commune with you!

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xo, Tiffany Brown

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the Orison