let's go on record for
legacy, healing, discovery and joy

shared experiences.
a connected existence.
trust. reciprocity. legacy & lineage.

& Lineage

who made the collards?

This living heirloom was created out of a need for connection and creation. Our Legacy Record was created for future ancestors to honor those before them and prepare a legacy for the descendants to come, blood or chosen. Each Record was curated to create a personal journey of discovery, healing and joy.  This book is as much a part of the Culture as Collard Greens, Corn Bread & Frankie Beverly + Maze. 

The Legacy Record is a celebration of our Black history; an act of cultivation for both our Black Present and Black Futures. This record is a personal time capsule for your lineage. Every question, prompt, prayer and guide has been intentionally curated to provide both you and your descendants a deeper understanding of self and one another. This robust piece of material culture is a tangible connection between then and now, and now and what’s to come. Not limited to your children, your mentees, God Children, anyone can benefit from the access you’ve given them as they connect with you through your words, stories and wisdom. Your legacy is important to The Culture, and so is your voice and lived experience. 

The Record

Archivists, Record Keepers & Story Tellers

vol 1

the visual ritual

Our Legacy Record

Our Legacy Record

soon come.